It is a well-established fact that massage plays a pivotal role in the development of baby. Research has established that a child’s 85% brain is developed by the age of three and routine massage adds to alertness and attentiveness. Obviously, yet another reason for the extra care that my little one deserved. As per my family belief the massage oil must be changed seasonally. But my champ became cranky every time he was massaged. I wondered if something was wrong with my massaging techniques. To my surprise, I found out that no fancy massage techniques are required for the baby. Just use caring hands and make each stroke at least 3 times. The up strokes stimulate the nervous system and down strokes calm down. So I used more of down strokes to calm down my baby during massage. But even that didn’t seem to work.

By now, I was sure that something was wrong with the massaging oil. Most acclaimed massaging oils from leading brands available in the market are not 100% natural. Most of them are mineral based and contain added chemicals and paraffin. Also I observed that most oils were difficult to be absorbed by my baby’s soft skin and he kept slipping again and again, thus unable to enjoy his after massage play time. Then I switched to milk and curd as the most natural resort but that didn’t moisturize my baby’s skin well and after bath I would find it dry and scaly.

I was frantically looking for a solution. I consulted doctors, talked to friends and new age moms and even googled to find something that satisfies the mom of 21st century with a rationale while upholding the age old traditional values of family.

From Dabur came the most amazing solution with an unequivocal approval from all the experts – Dabur Baby Massage Oil! Dabur Lal Tel has been known for the goodness of wonderful ayurvedic herbs like ratanjot, shankhpushpi and urad and carries the trust of grandma too. Dabur Baby Massage Oil came from the same house of trust. Dabur continues to maintain the uniqueness of its blends and this time it was of olive oil and almond oil. Dabur Baby Massage Oil stood by my family’s belief of being ‘The All Season Oil’.

Olive oil can be used throughout the year and is known to help faster muscle development & quicker bone formation. Almond has great benefits for the skin, making it soft and supple. Also the crankiness of my baby due to frequent change of seasonal oil completely vanished.

Dabur Baby Massage Oil is not at all sticky and easily gets absorbed in the skin which has made the massaging journey of my toddler smooth and enjoyable. Most importantly, unlike most other non-sticky oils available in the market, Dabur Baby Massage Oil is free of chemicals, paraffin which can be dangerous to the tender baby skin.

Baby rash is also one common problem with every third baby. Little do we realize that parabens, present in most commonly available oils, is the cause behind allergic rashes. Dabur Baby Massage oil is free of parabens and is made of natural constituents carefully hand-picked for the benefits of the baby. Almond oil in DBMO is absorbed by the tender baby skin with ease. Also almond oil has naturally occurring ursolic and oleic contents which reduces skin inflammation, heals the skin cells and thus prevents baby rashes.

Being natural, now I need not be on tenterhooks while massaging my baby worrying that he may accidentally ingest it. For me Dabur baby massage oil is like God sent, taking away my worries and blessing my child with strong wings so that he can fly higher and higher in the sky. I just cant stop repeating over and over again, that-

From the Baby to the Granny, Dabur Baby Massage Oil is hit with all in the family hierarchy,

Coz it’s not just an oil, It is a Chemical-Free and Gentle Head-to-Toe THERAPY!