“Haye mere ladke ko kiski buri nazar lag gayi? iski nazar utarni padegi.” so on and so forth. These unheard phrases till now have suddenly become a part and parcel of my life. Why is it that evil spirits have suddenly started eyeing at my home? What mistake did I do to grab their attention? These questions kept haunting me day in and day out. I was trying to explore the reason and science behind this. Being the 21st century woman, I believe in facts that are well established by reasons.

According to elders, my sweet little boy who has just arrived in this world and made my life beautiful is cranky because of buri-nazar(Evil eyes or spirits). It has become a ritual to ward off evil-eyes twice a day over and above the number of times he interacts with tiniest particle or living/non-living being of the outside world.

Few months passed by and I thought it’s a matter of few days. But finally the inquisitive mom in me woke up. I fell back on my God –  The Google, who listens to me calmly and has answers to almost all my queries. I found that humans have an electromagnetic field of energy around them popularly known as Aura. Frequencies of the electromagnetic waves are proportional to our thoughts good, bad, sane, insane etc. We get along well with people of same frequencies. However when wavelengths don’t match we feel restless and have an instant urge to leave the place. Infants unable to express their urge start crying and the moment they come back to their mom,dad or near and dear ones, they calm down. That is because they have a positive, caring and loving aura for the baby and it instantly comforts them.

To my surprise it is not just limited to Hindus, but spread across the world from Islam to Egyptians to Europeans and has its roots buried somewhere 5000 years ago. Different communities have different beliefs associated with buri nazar and follow various ways of warding off the same. I once tried tweaking the process of ablution to ward off evil eye and surprisingly everyone believed that baby is now safe from evil eye.

Some people call it superstition while others consider it as a universal truth. According to me it ultimately boils down to your faith. It is you who decide whether a spirit is good or evil. Whether it is evil eye or not! It is only your faith that makes anything work in favor of you. In absence of your conviction the results achieved are also flawed. Your faith and belief is what defines your personality and perceptions. As rightly said by Buddha – ‘With our thoughts we make the world’. The more you have control on your thoughts, the stronger would be your aura. Do not follow people blindly and aimlessly. Do what your inner self tells you to and be like 100% sure to achieve the best results in life. If you are convinced with a particular belief follow it.. come may whatever and pay a deaf ear to the blubbering souls. But if you don’t believe in something then just don’t follow it for the heck of it.