Here is a small ode to my Hero, my DAD.

You gave me life, and a meaning to strive.

Sitting on your shoulders, I saw the world from great height and to the far borders.

With each growing day,

You taught me –

How to walk

How to talk.

How to speak.

And how to greet.

But what about “HOW to LIVE???’

You never taught me How to live. Rather you always lived and let me watch you do so.

In this world brimming with challenges, you never taught me to fight. Neither did you ever fight for me. You always made me capable enough to fight back.

But whenever I failed, I found your wings of care above me.

Whenever I was foolish, U were patient with me.

Whenever I was in danger, U were there to rescue me.

Whenever I was ignorant, U were tough with me.

Whenever I was idle, U gave me a vision – to aim for the horizon

gave me wings to fly, and the mantra to “TRY…..TRY….n…….TRY..”

Whatever I am and whatever I hope to be,

It’s all because of U DAD…

Without ‘U’ my C_P of coffee is incomplete.

Without ‘U’ the F_N I have is incomplete.

Without ‘U’ my S_CCESS is incomplete.

Without ‘U’ S_PRITI is incomplete.

All i need is “JUST U”….DAD.