The first set of baby’s teeth appear around 6 months but the process starts much before it. Around 3 months of age babies start with the teething process which may continue till his second set of molars sprout. The process is usually painful for kids and more so for parents because they feel helpless when they are unable to ease the suffering of their babies. So here is a heads up to help you and your little one have a smooth teething process.

  1. Start early– The teething experience with the first set of teeth is the most painful for babies. It is advisable to start massaging your baby’s gums right after his third month. Massage with properly washed hands for a minute, at least two times a day. You may or may not use honey or clove oil as per your belief and family tradition.
  2. Head massage- During the process of teething babies tend to chew anything and everything that comes their way, sometimes even their own gums. This makes the crown region of head ache badly. Massaging the head comforts them and enables them to sleep peacefully.
  3. Natural teether – These days there are a variety of teethers available in market. However natural and organic they may claim to be, I am never convinced with the hygiene of man made teethers. So I use natural teethers for my baby like cucumber, armenian cucumber( commonly known as kakdi), core of pineapple and carrot. Just peel them well, heat in microwave for a few seconds and handover to the baby to chew them. My personal favorite iskakdi because my kid enjoys it and doesn’t become messy too.
  4. Semi solid food – Don’t give vegetables in absolute paste or soup form only. Try to give semi solid food that is mashed but still needs to be chewed to be swallowed. This will develop the habit of chewing and babies will also enjoy the process.
  5. Breastfeeding – I was always of the view that the moment those white little caps appear, I will stop breastfeeding my little one because my breasts would pain. Little did I know that I was so wrong. With his teething, he demanded more and more of my feed. Possibly because with breast milk babies get comforting mother’s touch, a soothing sucking experience and the obvious antigens and painkillers that help him become a fighter (of antibodies and pain) naturally.

These are the remedies adopted by me. Thankfully my baby didn’t have much teething issues like crankiness, diarrhoea,fever etc. According to me acting before time helped me prepare him for the process.