I was the little princess of my parents. I was on the center stage and their life revolved around me. They always saw big dreams for me and raised me to fulfill those dreams. Everything was picture perfect till the day new responsibilities dawned on me. I had smelly diapers to change, milk bottles to fill and take every possible care of a little angel. What was my age.. Just three and I wished to give my life to her, dreamt for her and live my life to make her fulfill them.

Yes, I was just three,

When a little chick joined my family tree.

I wished to give her wings of eagle,

So she is no more feeble.

I wished to give her eyes of hawk,

So her targets couldn’t be hidden even behind the biggest rock.

I wished to give her brains of Einstein,

So she could cruise through life like a dolphin.

I wished to give her nose of a sniffer dog,

So she could Sniff and kill problems amidst the densest fog.

I wished to give her a little tongue inside,

Where Maa Saraswati could always reside.

I had a thousand wishes,

Each one to save her from the tiniest glitches.

She was born with heart of gold,

Which became more and more precious as it grew old.

Growing day by day,

Keeping the tree’s problems at bay.

I always want her to live up to her name,

And earn her due fame.

I want the chick to grow into a bird,

That can overcome the shits n dirt.

Where even sky won’t be the limit,

And come may whatever, she can just achieve it!!

I wish my little sister achieves everything in life she desires for. She is the one for whom I grew up in a fraction of second. She is the one for whom I took all responsibilities at the age of three. She is the one for whom I felt like a mother. She is the one for whom I am not biological mother but even no less than her. Yes, my sweet little sister is the one for whom I became a motherly figure at the tender age of three.