A mother’s love is one of the purest and truest forms of love time has known. Mothers love their children selflessly and never realize when this love turns into insecurity. It often gets me thinking that have mothers of son bought a patent to be insecure for him whereas those of daughters wed them off to a new place and counsel her to love her new parents like her own.

From this superficial society, I went a step deeper just to find the reason behind this insecurity. One of the major reason is the past experiences, either as a child or post marriage. If the girl grows up watching her mom caring for her brother more than anyone else, the daughter develops a sense of insecurity. She tries to fill up that space void of love and care with the love from her child. She expects more and more from her child resulting into being over possessive and obsessed with him/her.

Post marriage handling a family that is insecure for their son makes her feel inferior and depressed. Just because she doesn’t get ownership of anything including her husband, she develops an urge to have something in life on whom she can have full control. Her child is the one and thus continues the vicious cycle of a mother being insecure for her son.

Insecurity just kills everything that is beautiful including relations with your children. Your insecurity might just end up suffocating them and making them erupt like a volcano one fine day. Try to accept your past rather than forgetting it. Talk about it to yourself, find your strengths and work on self development and peace of mind. Just don’t allow the insecurities in you to push away the beautiful relations God has sent to you.

PS: I am myself mother of a son and blessed with very supportive parents, hubby and in-laws. These views are basis observation of others lives. I am eager to know some more enlightening views from you all.