Marriage is one moment every girl dreams to be perfect. She readily settles with the uncanny feeling of leaving her home behind. Leaves her parents behind and tries to find them in new ones. Leaves her carefree days behind and hugs new roles and responsibilities. She graciously embraces everything as a way of life and considers it inevitable. Why??  Because surprisingly that is what her parents imbibed in her since childhood.

She accepts everything except the fact that she would be expected to give her first priority to the new family. Every time her new family stretches out hands for her she has to run and hug them, little realizing that her parents are always standing behind her. I don’t understand the cruel law of nature whereby girl’s parents raise her to a responsible woman and when she finally wishes to give back a nano part to her parents, she is married off to a new place. And then the obvious follows.

Few years down she keeps wondering, her in-laws need her care and affection as age is dawning upon them. But isn’t it true for her parents too? Who would be there beside them? Who would take care of them? They are obviously not blessed with eternal youth. But she wishes , if only they had been…

Today to maintain her perfect image in society all she can do is just pray to God for her parents well being and thank them for everything.

She thanks them when they lived for her each day..each month.. each year..

Lekin usko toh shadi ke baad hi sabse zyada man karta tha jaane ka peeher.

She thanks them for the times they hid their tears when she would cry,

Aur sab kuch bhula k kisi tarah use khel mein lagaye.

She thanks them for hundreds of burdens they carried for her,

Uske sir par toh koi na tha kar.

She thanks them for everything they made her achieve,

Aur woh sochti rahi yeh sab toh tha uska naseeb.

Suddenly she realises that she cannot thank them in a day, month, year or a millennium..

Kam pad jayene use saat janam….saat janam…