Almost everyone is born with marks around their body. These marks vary in size, shape and appearance. Some of these marks are visible to the naked eye and you will often hear people passing remarks on the same – “What is this?? This will fade with time!! It will become smaller with age.Laser karwa lena… Don’t worry.. ladke ka sab chalta hai..blahhhh”. People don’t give a damm for the ones that are concealed under the skin of clothes but a glimpse of these spots is enough to term it as a deadly disease. Various faces, various reactions but just one name – birthmarks.

A titsy tiny mole strategically placed on the lips or cheek of a girl is termed as beauty spot but the same mole grows a little bigger into an ugly spot. Getting tattoos of weird designs at weirder places is considered trendy but a similar god gifted mark is looked down upon. Each person is born with characteristic features but still society has a stereotypical way of defining beauty. It is this society only which expects everyone to mandatorily have a birthmark to fill up forms for ID Cards like passport, PAN card, school and college ID cards etc and incase you fail to have one, people look at you like an alien. This society is so hypocritical that it can fade away all boundaries that distinguish between worthy and unworthy.

For me, presence or absence of scars on body hardly makes a difference. Every child is born special and with a special purpose. I am a firm believer of the fact that you need to be different to make a difference. The need of hour is to identify your USP and capitalize on it. The society will always find ways to pull down your child and promote his/her own child. As a parent it is our duty to tell our children that they are the prince of God and if someone tries to shatter their confidence in the name of a mere visible scar, just remember that ‘Donkeys are of same color because they are donkeys. But horses are of different color because they are horses.’