Our lifestyle has changed drastically over the time. The earnings have increased but the expenditure on a healthy lifestyle has reduced proportionally and the spending on health issues has increased exponentially. It is high time we realize that ” It is only our good health that can bring us loads of wealth.”

In today’s world 24 hours of a day fall short to complete the basic routines and sometimes man has to make the nature’s call wait for hours together, just to finish off some other urgent work. In such a scenario our health is affected the most.

Our heart is the most affected part of the body. Job worries increase the heart rate, traffic jams increase our pulse rate, money woes make our heart sink and acceptance of our proposal by the crush makes our heart skip a beat.

So, it is very important to have a healthy heart for a healthy life. Recent findings from the World Heart Federation reveal that even small lifestyle changes like being active, eating better, and staying happy can make your heart up to 50% healthier.

I am joining the Saffolalife #ChhoteKadam initiative in association with BlogAdda and follow these small steps for a healthy heart. Here are some simple measures to stay healthy without spending a second extra.

  1. Eat healthy
    • Eat the right food: Hectic schedules make us a trap of quick junk food. We are of the opinion that making a healthy meal is time-consuming. But instead of the mid-meal junk like wafers, taco and cookies opt for fibre biscuits, walnuts, sprouts (easily available in supermarkets), fruits like apple, banana,  all kind of berries (which do not have the hassle of peeling and cutting).
    • Chose the right oil: Doctors recommend to change oil every 2 months to take the goodness of all oils. But now Saffola Total has been launched with the correct blend of vegetable oils to provide the right kinds of fatty acids. Saffola Total is a synergistic blend of rice bran oiland refined safflower oil.
  2. Reduce stress and stay happy
    • Do it Now: If some task needs 5 minutes or lesser, do it now. Piling up tasks for later leaves you with a burden of thousands such tasks by the end of the day. These pity tasks occupy your subconscious mind and keep haunting you throughout the day, thus increasing your stress and reducing productivity. So always follow the golden rule of – ‘Do It Now’ and reduce your stress levels significantly.
    • Breathing:Look off your computer screen and take deep breath for a couple of minutes. Inflate your diaphragm with as much air that creates a stretch in the lungs. Then slowly exhale. McConnell recommends to try this for 10 times at a time for 10 minutes in a day to experience reduction in heart rate and blood pressure. You can do it anywhere, while sitting in a metro, waiting for someone at the restaurant, while pondering over a problem in office, anywhere and everywhere.
  3. Stay active
    • Exercise : It is believed to be the best way to stay active. But amidst the hectic schedules most of us don’t get time to hit the gym or do 10 minutes of workout in a day. So take a flight of stairs wherever possible and do brisk walk for 20 minutes to stay fit and active.
    • Have regular sex : According to a 2010 study published in the American Journal of Cardiology, men who engage in sex at least twice a week are less likely to develop heart disease as compared to men who have sex only once per month. Sex definitely doesn’t replace the workout at gym but it does count as an effective exercise to reduce stress and increase the heart strength.