There is no guarantee that a male today will grow into a boy and thereby a gentleman. His parents devotion and dedicated resources might make him the best in academics and extracurricular activities but this definitely doesn’t guarantee that he would mature into a true gentleman. Our society has certain parameters for defining a true gentle man and most of them are dependent on his behavior with the opposite sex.

A gentleman is one who opens door for the lady. He is the one who raises up and gives up his seat to the lady who walks in, be it in a metro, bus or office. He pulls the chair out for her. He drops her back home safely. He pays the bills when they go out to dine. He talks with all the etiquette and above all he respects her, unconditionally.

I personally believe that these traits held true in the Victorian times. In this modern era , when we are talking about feminism and equality, this ideology of giving more respect to one sex than the other is creating a bigger divide in the society. It is compelling the boys of today to ponder and believe that perhaps females are truly the weaker sex. They are not capable enough to take care of themselves and that’s the reason the males are being forced to take up their responsibility. One of the most important reason is that boys are burdened and forced to have respect for the opposite sex which in turn yields to suppressed desire of overpowering the other.

I believe we should teach our boys equality right from childhood. We should preach to respect both men and women,  alike. We should teach them to be good to one and all. We should teach them not to hit anyone and also not to get hit, beaten or hurt by either of the sex. He should know how to politely, yet firmly convey that he will not bully and cannot be bullied too. Manners aren’t something that should be forced upon anyone, rather they should come naturally with time.